Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand, Evan Davis And Silvio Berlusconi - It's The Best Of Newsnight 2014

After 25 years, Jeremy Paxman finally ended his tenure as the kingpin of late-night current affairs, presenting BBC2’s Newsnightfor the final time in June.

In a watershed year for the long-running show, Paxman’s exodus and the subsequent coronation of Evan Davis marked a significant step towards revamping the Newsnight tone, dragging the ageing monolith into the modern world of Twitter, YouTube and even Russell Brand.

Indeed, the comedian turned activist provided one of the highlights of 2014, bickering with Davis, an Oxford economist, over the utility of a chart. Yet amid the bizarre playouts, lively debates and rotoscope animations, the show retained its ability to deliver bleeding edge news and cogent investigations five nights of the week.

Here are some of the show's best moments of 2014:

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