BBC Britain First Documentary 'We Want Our Country Back' Sparks Lively Debate

A BBC Documentary On Britain First Has Prompted Some Pretty Heated Reactions

BBC Three broadcast an in-depth look at the far-right group Britain First on Tuesday night prompting some mixed and heated reactions.

'We Want Our Country Back' saw film director Miles Blayden-Ryall investigate the pseudo-political party as they attempted to "ban all trace of Islam from the UK".

The BBC promoted the programme as a look into whether or not the party’s "extreme" views had a chance of rallying the public, and formed part of a trio of programmes looking at racism in the UK.

The documentary started with the group making the stock argument that they are definitely not racist as "Islam is not a race", a contention that convinced few.

Others deemed them fascist.

While many decided they were Islamophobic.

Or Xenophobic...

Others went further and compared them to far-right groups in history.

Britain First had spent the day making an impassioned plea to their supporters not to be taken in by the "biased" and "hostile" film and some agreed.

Although these guys appeared to actually be watching it.

Some people did agree with what Britain First were saying.

But their "Christian" values raised a few questions.

Mostly though, people simply despaired.

While Britain First boast a large Facebook following, their actual membership is relatively small and they struggle to get more than the low hundreds attending their marches.

As such somequestioned whether or nor the group should be given exposure on the BBC.

But there was some hope...

And while Britain First were worried the documentary tarnishing their image, here are some recent activities upon which they're already built a reputation.

In fact the 'Christian' group already have such a bad reputation that Church of England clergy recently wrote an open letter slamming their attitude to Muslims.

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