Campaigners Target Suella Braverman's Office Over 'Cruel' Migrant Plan

Freedom from Torture attached a fake blue plaque to the side of the home secretary's constituency office.
Suella Braverman and a campaigner outside her constituency
Suella Braverman and a campaigner outside her constituency
Getty / Freedom From Torture

Protesters have targeted Suella Braverman’s constituency office with a fake blue plaque claiming she is on the “wrong side of history”.

Charity Freedom from Torture attached the sign to her office amid fierce criticism of the government’s plan to deport migrants.

It comes as the Archbishop of Canterbury made a rare intervention in the Lords to condemn the Illegal Migration Bill as “morally unacceptable”.

The bill is aimed at changing the law to make it easier to remove and ban people arriving in the UK illegally.

Freedom from Torture mocked up their own version of the famous English Heritage blue signs – usually used to mark a link between the location and a famous person. It states:



Closed the door on people seeking safety in their hour of greatest need

Sharing a video of their stunt, the campaigners tweeted: “Hey Suella Braverman, your cruel refugee ban bill is in the House of Lords today – so we put up a plaque to show how you’ll be remembered.”

Her office declined to comment on the plaque which was attached to the Fareham Conservative Association in Hampshire.

Archbishop Justin Welby launched a blistering attack on the government’s migration crackdown on Wednesday.

Welby described the bill as a “short term fix” and told the Lords: “It is isolationist, it is morally unacceptable and politically impractical to let the poorest countries deal with [the refugee crisis] alone and cut our international aid.”

The legislation has proved hugely controversial with critics warning it leaves the UK foul of its international obligations.

Even Tory MPs have spoken out over fears that children will be detained and former prime minister Theresa May has warned it will “shut the door” to victims of modern slavery.

Under the bill, migrants will either be sent back to their home country or to a nation like Rwanda with which the UK has a deal, although legal challenges mean no flights carrying migrants have taken off for Kigali.

Welby has previously criticised the Rwanda plan saying it “cannot stand up to the judgment of God”.

King Charles was also reportedly critical of the Rwanda deal, even sparking claims that he and Boris Johnson once had a bust up over it.

The Lords is considering the Illegal Migration Bill at second reading after it passed the Commons.

The legislation would allow ministers to ban asylum seekers from re-entry if they arrive through unauthorised means.

It places a duty on the home secretary to remove illegal entrants and includes provisions to limit the ability of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to stop the deportation of asylum seekers.

The bill will also introduce an annual cap, to be decided by parliament, on the number of refugees the UK will offer sanctuary to through safe and legal routes.

The clampdown was prompted by prime minister Rishi Sunak’s pledge to “stop the boats” bringing migrants across the English Channel.

More than 6,000 migrants have crossed the channel so far in 2023.

Braverman urged peers to back the legislation, arguing it is what the British people want.


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