Boris Johnson

The cost of policing the UK riots currently stands at around £125 million, with the final figure expected to be much higher
The Liberal Democrats have elected Brian Paddick as the party's candidate for the London mayoral election. The 53-year-old
Apple bas been accused of a lot of things. Being too secretive. Pandering to an obsessive fan base. But until now it's never
Labour are stepping up their pressure on the government over police cuts, saying they will force parliament to vote on the
The Notting Hill Carnival got off to a peaceful start after London's Metropolitan police urged those planning to attend to
Strictly Come Dancing's Kelly Brook showed Londoners you don't need sportswear to cycle the capital. Kelly got back in the
Mr. Cameron, it is difficult to reconcile your words in your June 2010 speech with the actions of this government. People are hurting and if you meant what you said, then your government actions must match the words.
Watching the responses to the riots and the behaviours they have demonstrated, I have come to the conclusion it is how they
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Labour's London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has been condemned for comparing his battle to regain
The tragic death of Richard Mannington Bowes, who was attacked by rioters on last week, raises a difficult question. Should bystanders intervene when they see crime (or should I say criminality?) on our streets?