Rising food bills played a big part in today's inflation jump, although in the case of chocolate bars it was a case of less
Foreign takeovers may need to be assessed. But so too do takeovers by British companies. All takeovers should be examined, from many different angles.
A Church of England bishop has lashed out at Cadbury after the confectionery maker won exclusive rights to use its characteristic
There's 2 small notebooks with jottings about shows and sights and sounds that I'll be looking through and posting from for the next couple of days. The highs... the lows... the sticky toffee pudding. But first I'll be driving my mom back to Dead Lake (unfortunate name, but a very nice lake).
Back in the black and white days, circa 1991, post the economic boom of the 80s and in the midst yet again of recession I began working as media buyer for a media buying agency called Initiative Media.
A group which campaigns for better use of English today scoffed at the UK's most famous chocolate maker for warning shoppers
As the world's most influential leaders gather this week in Davos it is clear that much of the world is looking on, whether from igloos immediately outside or further afield, with a certain degree of hostility towards business and, more specifically, big businesses.
While The Only Way Is Essex's James 'Arg' Argent has probably imagined his girlfriend Lydia Bright covered in chocolate many
Junk food companies use "manipulative tactics" to hook children while they play online, offering free gifts, games and downloads