0 days ago I started a 21 day experiment where I eat 5,794 calories of a low carbohydrate high fat to diet to see if a calorie is really just a calorie. I have come across some militant scientists, who say my experiment is bogus, and some very supportive ones, who have applauded me for trying to push science forward.
For the next 21 days I will be eating at least 5,000 calories a day! Using the conventional theory of calories in calories out I should put on just shy of 6kg of fat! My diet will consist of eggs, fish, meat, nuts and green vegetables.
Consuming an extra glass of wine or half a bag of crisps a day can cause a person to gain almost 5kg (11lb) over a year, experts
If you're anything like HuffPost UK Lifestyle, mid-afternoon is the time of day to get your serious snack on. At approximately
It's recommended that a woman consume on average 2,000 calories per day. But, if you're not an avid calorie-counter with
Now don't get me wrong, in terms of weight management having the right energy balance is important, you can have too much energy or too little energy from food. Calories can give you sort of a ball park figure, but for measuring energy in food, especially for weight loss, they aren't particularly accurate or even scientific.
In the UK, as the obesity rates soar and healthcare costs rise, the government is contemplating putting a "fat tax" on food in England. Will this succeed in encouraging people to make healthy choices or will it drive them to buy cheaper, lower quality foods?
If an alien had asked me why all these people had chosen to get up early on a Sunday morning and run 13.1 miles for fun, I would have appreciated their confusion. So why did over 30,000 of us - many paying for the pleasure - turn up at the same time to run in what was effectively a big circle?
New Year dieters should remember to count the calories in alcohol when they are trying to lose weight, a charity has said
Taking the stairs one at a time burns more calories than leaping up multiple steps, researchers have said. Although more