emma bunton

Ok, so it was freezing yesterday so we can understand why Becks opted for a chunky knit, plus the chilly temperature wouldn't
Little Mix have proclaimed they want to be as big as the Spice Girls, and it seems they have got the full Girl Power backing
They have armies of make-up artists and image consultants at their beck and call and are usually airbrushed to within an
We did wonder quite what Jennifer Saunders was doing at Stella McCartney's Christmas party earlier this week, but now it
When the Primrose Hill lights were switched on at the weekend, we didn't think any other festive event could beat it on the
Am now besties with Lulu I do hope - LOVE her hair. Would have asked for the name of her hair dye if I'd thought, but was too busy remembering my lines. How does she do it? I must copy. Get drunk in Green Room at Ab Fab after party. Shove mobile phone down cleavage.