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This dish (Chicken Maryland) consisted of some kind of chicken, whether it was fried or not is still not apparent, BUT it came with a banana (which was most definitely fried!). That's right, a fried banana AND a fried pineapple!!!! Now I'm no chef, but f*** me that can't be right, can it?
Who's been doing what in the last 24 hours in celebland? Well, Christine Bleakley's been a party popper, Gaga's been shopping
I'm currently being a sloth watching some NFL game or other. I quite like American Football. Not quite sure why. And before you ask, no I don't have a favourite team or player. I don't know anything about it.
After a recent and brief foray into Asia on our TVs, Ramsay has disappeared behind our TV screens to build an empire of food. The BSK is just this: a sexy theatrical warehouse hung with reclaimed lightshades, lamps and iron bars to the tunes of dance music and moody (mostly green) lighting.
Jamie Oliver has hit out at chefs who use foul language, despite coming under fire for swearing on-screen himself. The Naked
Even if one doesn't like the taste or idea of shark fin soup, what is at stake is the individual's right to choose what to eat within the confines of the law, regardless of whether its production is offensive to some campaigners, celebrities or politicians.
A cellar door being left unsecured! To be fair, I've seen and heard of many incidents of chefs flipping over far less - dastardly crimes like clingfilm coming free from the corner of a container, or cooks forgetting to switch off their mobile phones during service.
Victoria Beckham has released a personal family snap to make even the coolest-hearted of observers come over all gooey. The
The truth is that men are only doing 27 minutes more housework a day than they did 10 years ago. That's an extra three minutes or so a day built up over a decade. Whoopee doo! Hardly revolutionary.
FOUL-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay is in hot water after saying f*** 47 times on Hell's Kitchen USA. Media regulator Ofcom investigated