Warm summer evenings. What better time for an impromptu water fight? Even better, one which has proven artistic benefit? Yes
The whole country is feeling more British pride than usual lately. But just when you thought London couldn't get more patriotic
Banksy unveiled Olympic-related graffiti artworks on his personal site on Monday to mark London 2012. One image shows an
It seems like we're losing a lot of our heroes of late. From giants of contemporary music like Donna Summer, and MCA, to the inventor of the Raleigh Chopper bicycle - Alan Oakley.
The city is just one giant playground for French street artist OaKoAk. Walking around French cities looking for his next
When internationally renowned graffiti artist Tilt was let loose in a French hotel room, the idea of waking up on the wrong
Street artist Phlegm’s most recent creation, a 33-feet high robot, is hardwired to make an impression. The piece, which took
A graffiti artwork titled "Eton Posse", showing ex-public schoolboys David Cameron and Boris Johnson as rioters has appeared
A student from Mitcham is an unlikely source of inspiration for a world-renowned street artist but James Cochran - who has painted in London, Paris and New York - was so impressed by Javon Davies, a pupil from Richmond College he painted a mural of him in the East End.
Graffiti isn't supposed to be branding, but the artists who climb fences and often work illegally at night each have their own unique name and their own way of presenting it - just like any brand. They have an iconic aspiration.