Help Refugees

The legal challenge, brought by Help Refugees, has lasted two years.
Majid Adin was forced to flee his hometown in Iran two years ago after facing persecution.
The phrase 'refugee crisis' may no longer be in the headlines but worldwide forced displacement is at a record high
'I wanted to use my cooking to bring people together to experience the true taste of Syria.'
Every moment that these places are left unfilled puts a child’s life at risk
My name is Majid Adin. I’m a filmmaker, a writer and an artist. I had to flee my home in Iran because I criticised the government
There are 65 million displaced people in the world right now.
With sales everywhere you look and fast-lanes in shopping centres facilitating a shopping frenzy, the festive period has
One year on, still only 200 children were safely transferred to Britain under the Dubs Amendment, originally meant to transfer up to 3,000. What was meant to be part of a proud British tradition of giving sanctuary is now failing miserably.
A few months ago I wrote about the work of Refugee Community Kitchen, a charity in Calais responsible for providing food to the hundreds of refugees in and around the city and Dunkirk. Since 2015 RCK has prepared, cooked, and delivered almost 600,000 meals. They serve hot, nourishing food daily, and like most of the refugee charities in Calais, they rely entirely on donations and volunteers.