Ice Skating

This year's ill-fated series has seen five celebrities forced to withdraw from the competition.
H from Steps dancing with a male partner could spark important conversations about LGBTQ relationships in living rooms around the country, entertainment reporter Daniel Welsh writes.
Below, we’ve ranked 20 of our favorite costumes from this year’s Olympic games, including three unitards and a whole lot of sparkle. Scroll through to see them all. 
The two cleanly landed the first throw quad salchow in Olympic history during the pairs free skate figure skating, NBC Sports reported.
These looks deserve a few medals of their own...
Jimmy Ma turned down for what at the U.S. Championships.
Winter is the perfect time to pack in some fun calendar events with your children; the sort of experiences that will become
The pain begins before anyone hits the ice. Like some kind of head hood before the waterboarding you have to get the skates on the feet. In my case it was 8 feet. My wonderful wife Stacie, the keeper of important knowledge like UK shoe sizes, was kept late at the office with a call.