Independent Group

The group has no formal leader but ex-Labour frontbencher's title suggests prominent role.
"This is what I have left behind. It’s toxic," said the Independent Group's Luciana Berger.
When leaving a major political party, politicians leave behind more than old friends and colleagues, they say goodbye to the well-oiled party machine; an existing infrastructure, campaign tools, and data.
But the Tory and Labour defectors have not picked a formal leader.
While the battle for the soul of Labour rages on, The Independent Group are dragging attention away from something we all agree on – preventing a catastrophic no-deal Brexit
When you’ve got a former Labour MP who somehow dredges up the words ‘funny-tinged’ when she’s discussing voters from ethnic minorities, I reckon a hefty dollop of scepticism is definitely required.
Shadow chancellor offers ray of hope for anti-Brexit campaigners.
Westminster finally saw the splintering of the two main parties this week, with both Conservative and Labour MPs coming together to form the Independent Group. MP Gavin Shuker took the HuffPost UK Politics team behind the story.