The 68-year-old, who spent five years in a brutal prison, accuses Boris Johnson of "opportunism" for only getting in touch after his release.
"People (some men) really don’t like women speaking their truth. Tough." Solidarity as charity worker criticises government after six-year ordeal in Iran.
Daughter Gabriella had told her mum: "You’re not going to be famous forever, maximum a week."
The mother-of-one said she had been let down by successive foreign secretaries who had failed to secure her release.
Joyous moment on first day of freedom in Britain after six-year ordeal in Iran.
“Is that mummy?”: Hugs and kisses as arrival back in Britain ends six-year ordeal in Iran.
The foreign secretary succeeded where her predecessors - most notably Boris Johnson - failed.
After nearly six years of being detained, the mother-of-one has finally been released to return to the UK.
Her daughter Gabriella knows she is coming home and is said to be “beyond excited”.
Foreign secretary Liz Truss hinted that Britain is about to settle a decades-old debt.