Jennifer Aniston

"I was throwing everything at it... So here I am today. The ship has sailed.”
“Jennifer Aniston was sobbing ... Even Matt LeBlanc was crying,” the actor revealed in a heartbreaking excerpt from his memoir.
The Chandler Bing actor said she had a "deafening lack of interest" in him romantically.
The Chandler Bing actor revealed Jennifer once confronted him about his struggles with alcohol and was the Friends cast member who "reached out the most".
The actor shared a series of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from the forthcoming third season of the Apple TV+ series.
Jen referenced the sitcom as she wondered whether her former Friends co-star was "trying to steal my thunder" with his Instagram spoof.
Did you know that 9/11 forced a scene to be cut out of ‘Friends’? Or that Bruce Willis appeared on the show because of a lost bet? Check out these and some other secrets from the big show.
“That’s all in your own head, you’re doing that to yourself. No one needs you to be Tom Cruise or as famous as Tom Cruise."