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We were chatting to the kids and the amazing staff who work at the London's Kids Company, about what the filming we we were doing, we found out that some of them had never been to the cinema, a cinema, any cinema. We decided to change that. We needed to put them in front of a cinema screen.
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Actor John Barrowman has spoken out against the "Kafkaesque" struggle many homosexual people face around the world while
Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning to discover that it was suddenly illegal for you to be you? That the law said because you had blue eyes, or were short or because you wrote with your left hand you could go to jail. The character I'm best known for - Captain Jack in Torchwood - spends his life fighting every kind of threat to humanity you could think of. That's all fantasy, of course, but this is real. People are being killed and many, many more live in daily fear for their lives. And the threat comes from something that is much harder to fight than fictional aliens - homophobia based on prejudice, hatred and ignorance.
Singer, television presenter and actor John Barrowman has been forced to cancel his Blackpool concert tonight because of