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Increasingly, homeowners are regarding their property as a future income, expecting to tap into the value of their home to
Expert kitchen fitter Ron Irwin on how used can still look like new
The kitchen is the hub and the workhorse of your home. No surprise there. Between cooking, washing up, socialising, homework
If cooking dinner typically involves you darting around the kitchen in a haze of smoke, surrounded by chaos, it could be
In the kitchen of the future, edible fish and sea vegetation will be home grown with aquariums built into our kitchen walls
Is there any merit to this kind of shock viral advertising? This rather disturbingly titled viral - 'ça sent le sapin' (Smells Like Pine) was removed by Cuisinella themselves who branded it as 'Sick' - not before racking up a few hundred-thousand views and gaining the attention of viral ad fans everywhere though.
While most think of the Kitchen as a primarily functional space kitchens today are much more than a place we cook food. The kitchen of today serves many purposes often acting as the main family living space, a play area, informal dining room and home office in a single day. As a result it is just as important to consider the design of this space in aesthetic terms as it is in functional terms.