Kylie Jenner

The reality star transformed her house into Gilead, to mirror the brutal regime in the dystopian drama.
Forbes has named 21-year-old Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made billionaire. Her business Kylie Cosmetics is worth $900 million and her overall wealth is estimated at $1 billion, placing her at number 2,057 on the Forbes 2019 list.
Instagram's most liked photo ever, the World Record Egg, has been revealed to be part of a mental health campaign. The egg, known as Eugene, dethroned Kylie Jenner as “Queen of Instagram” back in early January 2019.
Kylie Jenner would only have to make 40 Instagram posts to match Daniel Craig’s £31million salary for two Bond films
Many took issue with the magazine’s description of the 20-year-old billionaire.
Some people are scoffing at the term 'self-made', after Forbes declared Kylie Jenner 'the youngest self-made billionaire'.
Jenner’s makeup empire has amassed $900 million since launching in 2015.
The 20-year-old responded that she “got rid of all my filler,” in reference to her lip filler.