Labour Party

Labour is, depending on who you ask, old, new, purple, blue, divided, united and refounded. Seventy-five days after becoming
The Conservatives' struggled to regain the trust of the British public, going through 3 leaders before coming to the now Prime Minister, David Cameron. For Labour, this process is just beginning with projects such as Refounding Labour now underway. Despite the evidence of the previous two governments, this process is not inevitable. Coalitions may be the answer.
A senior figure from Tony Blair's government has warned that current Labour leader Ed Miliband has failed to connect with
David Cameron has attacked Ed Miliband for being “in the pocket of the unions” ahead of tomorrow’s public sector strikes
If there was any doubt in the minds of most people that the left's great white hope, the 'progressive majority', is nothing more than a white elephant then look no further than the AV referendum results of May 2011.