Manchester Bombing 2017

Those affected by the Manchester bombing - those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured will be traumatised
We're not supposed to admit this, of course, because to say we're scared means the terrorists win. But that's bullshit. The terrorists only win if we cower, and admitting you're frightened or upset isn't cowering - it's brave. And every single time an attack like what happened Monday night in Manchester happens, I'm utterly fucking terrified.
Practical action you can take in the aftermath of a tragedy.
With the news a suicide bombing being carried out at an event which was predominantly aimed at children and younger adults, it's a deeply sad reminder of what the power of misguided hatred can do. 22 dead and 59 hurt and for what end? How can the deliberate killing or maiming of another person be morally justified in any doctrine or mindset?
US President says terror ideology must be 'obliterated'.
Britain's terrorist threat level stands at "severe," the second-highest rung on a five-point scale, meaning an attack is
The star said she had been left 'broken' by the devastating incident.
'The spirit of Manchester that will prevail.'
Grande, who was not injured, tweeted hours later: Manchester Arena said in a statement that the explosion took place outside
Display of unity includes offers of taxis, phone chargers and cups of tea.
Armed police were also in attendance. Anyone seeking information on anyone who may have been in the area should ring the