michael sheen

Including surprise celeb cameos, amazing A-list performances, political gags and one very sweary nan.
The actor was awarded the honour in the 2009 for his services to drama.
We need a full stage musical starring Michael Sheen, Matthew MacFayden and Sian Clifford immediately.
Unbelievably, no prosthetics were used to transform the actor into the former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? presenter.
“Is this The Graham Norton Show? Well, it’s as close as we can get it,” the host joked.
The actor plays the gameshow host in new ITV drama Quiz, based on the real-life Major Charles Ingram case.
Actor and activist to play key role in tournament in Cardiff this summer.
"I go on Twitter and people must get up in the morning at like 8am and then moan about Brexit. At least have some Coco Pops first..."
Actor Michael Sheen tells HuffPost UK why shouting about kindness is so important.
John McDonnell slams 'national scandal' of debt.
Boris Johnson left isolated over Vote Leave defence and all the other news.
Welshman who played Tony Blair in The Queen failed to rule out entering politics on Peston On Sunday.
They “consciously uncoupled,” the comedian joked.
In the interests of clarity and for anyone who gives a monkey's, here's where I'm at. Like so many people, I'm worried about the effects on our civilisation of what appears to be an increasing emergence of forces and instincts across Europe and the West with anti-democratic, deeply authoritarian and worryingly demagogic elements. Whether they come from the left or the right of the political spectrum. Whether they were part of voting for or against Brexit. For or against Trump. Or any other of the votes or referendums that are going on.
He plans to fight the rise of the 'hard populist right'.