Rio De Janeiro

"Don't forget to Brexit the UK medals from the count."
After all that, their original image seems quite arbitrary... Read more on The Huffington Post Attempting to show the value
Tennis is much more interesting with added CGI.
Many of this year’s Olympic events were held in areas with bright green walls, floors and backdrops. As some internet users
He's probably scaring the sh*t out of the North Korean Olympians.
A man who looks shockingly similar to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been spotted causing a stir at the Rio Olympics
Just because the Olympics are taking place far from home this year doesn't mean the athletes put in any less blood, sweat, and tears. As an avid Team GB supporter, I'm passionate about keeping that London 2012 enthusiasm alive.
It's been an Olympiad full of FAILS.
WARNING: Contains those gross leg and arm breaking videos The Olympics has been full of oddities this year, from the green