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The Peep Show star has confirmed he won't be involved in this year's group dance during the finale.
The former Peep Show star has been forced to bow out of the show on medical grounds.
The former Peep Show star has stepped down from the series after a consultation with his heart specialist.
Between Dianne Buswell as Miss Piggy and two Avatars dancing a Rumba, it was another surreal night for Strictly.
The new series of the BBC ballroom show is all set and ready to go.
The Peep Show star has said his situation was "a bit touch and go" in his first interview about the procedure.
AJ Odudu has been forced to leave Strictly on medical grounds.
For disciples of Corbynism, like Ken Loach, the EU embodies ‘neoliberalism’, symbolising the departure from Spirit of ‘45 socialism. It represents an interconnected, capitalist direction of travel, that must be halted
Peep Show, my favourite TV comedy, is to be adapted for audiences in the United States. And what should be an exciting prospect, is something I'm instead meeting with a sentimental sigh and the thought: "Here we go again..."