sarah everard

A review that found officers “did not act in a heavy-handed manner” included no interviews with protesters or witnesses.
“I used to work in bars and there was an attitude that was – ‘he’s a regular, it doesn’t matter that he feels your arse when you’re walking past,” the MP tells HuffPost UK.
Joining Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to discuss how to improve things is shadow domestic violence minister Jess Phillips, who calls for cross-party talks, why Liz Truss needs to do more, and also whether the Hartlepool by-election will reveal the direction of travel for post-Brexit, post-pandemic Britain.
Some of us have lived for years, even decades, with what many of you are only just noticing. For us this isn’t a moment, it’s a lifetime.
Demonstrations can go ahead once “stay at home” rules expire near the end of the month, Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson says.
Covid rules mean police can violently shut down protests like they did on Saturday. Now those powers could become permanent.
Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said she is "entirely focused on growing the Met to be even stronger".
Keir Starmer backs Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick remaining in post.
The Mayor of London added he was “not satisfied” with the explanation he had been given by the force’s leadership.
Policing of Sarah Everard vigil "should be a red warning light that the UK government should not be rushing through divisive laws”.