sarah everard

The Metropolitan Police are facing another serious allegation. How will they recover from this?
Intentions might be good, but it's not a time for men to centre themselves.
North Yorkshire's commissioner said he realises his comments were "insensitive" and said he wished "to retract them in full".
"After six months, the best the Met can come up with is ‘flag down a bus’."
"The suggestion that, somehow, we have to change our behaviour once again, I have to say a bit tiring."
Kit Malthouse also stood by the under fire Met Commissioner Cressida Dick.
Former Met chief superintendent condemns "sexist" service that sees men "close ranks" and potentially abandon women while on duty.
Wayne Couzens was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday for kidnap, rape and murder.
The former Met Police officer faced charges for kidnapping, raping and murdering the 33-year-old woman.