Taylor Lautner

The actor, who played Jacob Black in the saga, said he had to fight to get his spot in the franchise back.
The "Twilight" actor, who dated the pop star back in 2009, says the two are "rekindling" their friendship.
The franchise's "Team Edward" vs. "Team Jacob" rivalry made it difficult for the actors to foster a real-life friendship, he said.
“It is my fault that nobody knows how it’s actually pronounced,” the Twilight star explained.
“He was a very positive force in my life when I was making the Speak Now album,” said Taylor about her former lover.
The Twilight actor addressed a series of disparaging remarks about his appearance — and they were nothing less than brutal.
Ahead of the rerelease of Speak Now, Lautner, who dated Swift, joked about another one of the singer's exes — and song inspirations.
'Scream Queens' season two just got even better.