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Nick Clegg will launch a dramatic attack on Michael Gove's "ideological" free schools policy in a speech next week, and remind
"I'm in favour of performance-related pay," Labour's new education spokesman said on Question Time on Thursday evening. Really? But why? PRP is ideology masquerading as evidence.
It has been over three years since Michael Gove, the education secretary has been in his brief. He has used his position in the department of education to pursue what some see as a ideologically driven path, with free schools and transforming the educational curriculum...
It's fair to say Tristram Hunt has had a slightly lower profile in the past six months than in the previous period of this
I just got off the phone to a Conservative MP who hasn't bothered going to party conference this year. "So you just watched
The Labour MP Tristram Hunt has praised the Tea Party as a model for re-engaging people with politics, and also encouraged