Voter ID

Ministers want voters to produce their passport or driving licence at polling booths - even though there is no evidence of large-scale electoral fraud.
These trials are ill-thought-out, and raise serious concerns for our democracy
If ever the phrase 'sledgehammer to crack a nut' was apt, it's the idea that you should be forced to bring ID to the polling station when you vote. Today the Conservatives announced plans to introduce mandatory voter ID for elections across the UK - ostensibly to reduce alleged voter fraud.
From Donald Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud in the US, to the government's plans for voter ID trials in the UK next year, the (often shaky) notion of widespread abuse in our democratic system has been on the agenda this past few months...
The Pickles report is a largely a smokescreen - to cover the implementation of other Tory anti-immigration policies with very tenuous links to voter fraud. The fact that voter fraud and personation is extremely rare - so rare as not to be statistically significant - is really not the issue.
Who knows how our new British experiment will turn out. But a democracy is only democratic if voting is restricted to those entitled to vote. Measures aimed at ensuring that are, in principle, to be applauded.
While 'conspiracy theories' take hold in the States, one Tory MP has proposed a law to tackle the problem in the UK.
Donald Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud in the US have led to fears of a crackdown on voter rights once the president