women in business

This American mother and philanthropist-turned-entrepreneur is truly a fixture in the industry. Zilber is the founder and creative director of Jouer Cosmetics. A celebrity-favoured beauty brand, Zilber became deeply involved with UNICEF during her travels to Africa and South America.
The drive to recruit 5000 business mentors, specifically for women, is just the sort of activity that will be effective on the ground: both inspiring and practical. As a nation, we need totally new ways of thinking and doing business so that we not only survive these challenging times but find growth.
In the UK, boardrooms remain staggeringly male dominated with just 12.5% of publicly owned companies appointing women to director-level positions. Are arbitrary targets to expand minority groups' representation within an organisation the only certain method of improving diversity?
Change is in the air. The status of women and gender equality in the workplace is firmly on the news agenda and we must seize this chance to push for real change now.
While there are only a handful of women at the top of the tech pyramid, we must not let this imbalance affect who will become our future business leaders.
The concept of not being able to "have it all" is frequently framed as the natural consequence of the fight for gender equality, a signifier that women will never run with the big boys because the world won't change.
If you were listening to right leaning UK politicians and political commentators recently you'd think so. Last week Peter
I support the 'Women on the Board Pledge for Europe' drawn up by European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding and would urge British Industry to support this initiative.