24/02/2017 16:17 GMT | Updated 24/02/2017 16:26 GMT

Oscars 2017: 10 Stars Who Have Surprisingly Never Won An Academy Award

Now Leo's got his, who is still waiting?

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Up until 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio was in a bit of an “always the bridesmaid” situation when it came to the Academy Awards.

However, his stunning performance in ‘The Revenant’ did what his roles in ‘The Aviator’, ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ couldn’t, and finally bagged him a spot in the Oscar-winners club.

But while he can finally rest easy with an Oscar in his trophy cabinet, plenty of other big-name stars in the entertainment are still waiting for the day they can call the golden statue their own, despite getting a nod from the Academy with a nomination or two (or three, or four).

Here are just some of the Hollywood stars still saving a space on their mantelpiece…

  • 1. Amy Adams
    Arguably the new Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy has been nominated for five Academy Awards, most recently in 2013, only to leave empty-handed every year.

    The good news for Amy is that Leo got his on his sixth nomination, so she might be luckier next time.
  • 2. Brad Pitt
    Despite having appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, Brad has never won an Academy Award for his acting.

    However, in 2014 he was one of the producers of ‘12 Years A Slave’, which scooped the Best Picture prize.
  • 3. Glenn Close
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    She’s been nominated for an Academy Award a whopping six times, yet Glenn Close has never won in her category, although with three Tonys, two Golden Globes and three Emmys to her name, we’re sure she’s not too concerned.
  • 4. Johnny Depp
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    Thanks to roles in the likes of ‘Edward Scissorhands’, the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ series, ‘Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas’ and even ‘Sweeney Todd’, Johnny Depp has proven himself as an incredibly versatile actor.

    Unfortunately this hasn’t translated into Academy Awards, despite three nominations.
  • 5. Michelle Pfeiffer
    In a career spanning over three decades, Michelle has been nominated for an Oscar on three different occasions.

    The Academy Award has always eluded her, though, even for her amazing performance as the leading lady in ‘Grease 2’. What an oversight.
  • 6. Sir Ian McKellen
    He might be one of the most celebrated British actors of stage and screen, but apparently that’s not enough for Sir Ian to bag an Oscar.

    The last time he was nominated was back in 2001, for his portrayal of Gandalf the Grey in the first ‘Lord of the Rings’ film. Surely an Academy Award for this acting giant is long overdue?
  • 7. Tom Cruise
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    With all the constant furore surrounding Tom Cruise’s personal life, it's often forgotten that he is a legitimate actor.

    He has been nominated for three Oscars over the course of his career, although he’s never come out on top in his category.
  • 8. Toni Collette
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    Despite massive critical acclaim for a number of her roles, and a nomination for 'The Sixth Sense', Toni has never managed to scoop an Academy Award.
  • 9. Ewan McGregor
    He’s the star of ‘Trainspotting’, ‘Moulin Rouge!’ and ‘Star Wars’ among countless others, but Ewan McGregor has never won an Oscar, and in fact it may surprise you to hear he has never even been nominated for one.

    So you see, Leo and Amy, things could be a lot worse...
  • 10. Bill Murray
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    At the Academy Awards in 2003, Bill Murray had been nominated for the Best Actor award for his part in ‘Lost In Translation’.

    The story goes that he’d arrived at the ceremony certain he’d be taking home the Oscar, so when Sean Penn was announced as the winner, a stony-faced Bill Murray didn’t even applaud. Ouch.

    He hasn’t been nominated for an Academy Award since, which we’re sure is just coincidence...
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