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This Over-50 Fashion Campaign Just Made History

The Huffington Post UK | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Style

A fashion brand has unveiled a campaign with a difference this month and made history in the process. Proving style has no age limit, JD Williams o...

Three Very Common Gym Mistakes

Adam Warren | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Adam Warren

I decided to write a post about three very common gym mistakes that you may find yourself making because nobody has yet pointed them out to you, but after reading this post it could completely reshape your entire outlook at the gym so that you're in a better position to get so much more from it.

Do Heist's 'Perfect' Tights Live Up To The Hype?

The Huffington Post UK | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Style

Finding a good pair of tights can be a life-long quest. A fashion staple so often fraught with perils... too loose, too itchy, those digging-in waistb...

Powerful Film Explains Why Dementia Isn't A 'Natural Part Of Ageing'

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 22.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Many of us have experienced the heartache of watching a loved-one suffer from dementia, but the illness isn't an inevitable part of ageing. In the ...

Six Things to Love About the London Fitness Scene

Natasha Wynn | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Natasha Wynn

Forget about New Year Resolutions that only last until Valentine's Day, London is currently in a fitness revolution that is everlasting. New studios, new styles and new inspirations are encouraging Londoners to ditch the sofa and choose squats instead. Here are just a few things that I love about London's love affair with fitness.

Five Tips to Stay Warm, Cosy and Healthy this Winter

Anja Brierley | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Anja Brierley

Winter has finally arrived. Fresh air, cold wind and frosty mornings with some areas experiencing a dusting of snow. The days are short. It is difficult to get out of bed on the dark mornings.

Yogi Energy Balls

Steph Matthews | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Steph Matthews

Although these came about by mistake, they turned out to be a great healthy snack. If you're looking for something simple to make that still tastes delicious (and happens to be good for you!) try them out for yourself.

Nadia Sawalha: 'My Daughters Have Been Out Of School For A Year'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Parents

Nadia Sawalha has opened up about homeschooling her daughters, calling it the "best thing" she's ever done. The Loose Women presenter, who revealed...

McDonald's Gets A Shiny New Makeover (And We're Lovin' It)

The Huffington Post UK | Rachel Moss | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

McDonald's has unveiled its new-look restaurant and we have to admit, we're rather impressed. Sleek stainless steel surfaces replace the drab inter...

Bethany From 'The Undateables' On The Pressures Of Finding Mr Right

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A woman with Down's syndrome has opened up on the trials and tribulations of finding love. The 20-year-old, who appears on Channel 4's 'The Undate...

Dad's Brilliant #LifeHack For Removing Kids' Muddy Boots

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Parents

A dad has come up with a brilliant way to free kids from their wet/snowy/muddy boots - and it only takes a few seconds. Next time you've returned f...

Here's How You Can Go To LFW This Year (No Invite Needed)

The Huffington Post UK | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Style

There's only a month to go before London Fashion Week kicks off - and with the show schedule released, anticipation is certainly building. But thin...

Coronation Street Actress 'Thrilled' Over Baby News

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Parents

Coronation Street actress Paula Lane, a.k.a Kylie Platt, has revealed she's pregnant with her second child. The 29-year-old shared the announcement...

When a Stranger Rejects You

Jean Smith | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Jean Smith

Why does rejection from a stranger hurt so much? Even the mere idea of a stranger's rejection is enough to put off the most brazen of us.

Do You Want to Be Someone, Going Somewhere or No One, Going Nowhere?

Kamontip Evans | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Kamontip Evans

It is your choice: to be someone, going somewhere - with all the fun, stress and strain that comes with your given name and acquired reputation; or being no one, going nowhere, not much fun but standing tall - at peace, with an understanding of where happiness truly lies.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Calories?

Natalie Roberts | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Natalie Roberts

It's easy to get confused about whether you're on the right track for healthy eating, but I've noticed recently that there seems to be too much focus on calories and not enough on nutrients. So I just want to take a minute to help you make sure you're getting enough nutrients from your food.

Killed By Busy-ness

Jacqueline Koay | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Jacqueline Koay

Yet we are teaching our children to be busy. Busy-ness is good! It shows that we are moving forward (to a faster end?). It means that we will be first in the (meaningless) rat race. It means that we will win (a bag of sand which is your bones at death).

What Do You Really Want to Achieve By Dieting and Exercising?

Karen Morris | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Karen Morris

This is a common occurrence with exercise and healthy eating regimes. Particularly so in the gym, as often people join because they feel it it's the 'right thing to do', along with wishing people they haven't spoken to for ages 'happy birthday' on Facebook and agreeing to work overtime on top of an already hectic schedule.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Has Seriously Ticked Off Its Veggie Customers

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) has single-handedly offended its entire vegetarian and vegan fan base with its new - and rather insensitive - advertising...

Compound Exercise 1: Deadlift

Katie Booth | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Katie Booth

This is my absolute favourite exercise, hands down. Don't get me wrong, I love a good squat too - but for me the barbell deadlift is the ultimate move...

Dorset Unplanned

Mette Poynton | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Mette Poynton

In August 2015 I spent 3 days on the Jurassic Coast in beautiful Dorset with my family. My 7-year-old son's interest in dinosaurs, fossils and all things Jurassic, inspired the trip and we went in the hope that, other than wonderful memories from a break away as a family, we would return home with a real fossil or two.

But How? Finding Your Clarity of Purpose

Lisa Regan | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Lisa Regan

Do we ever truly know what we want? For some yes definitely, maybe not across every aspect of their lives but in business, fitness or with relationship standards and then goals, having a clear sense of purpose will be the deciding factor on whether you are successful or not!

Surf, Sweat and Sea - 2016's Top Solo Spa Trends

Cathy Winston | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Cathy Winston

Even the words 'spa retreat' sound tempting. And if you're travelling solo, some pampering as you explore the world is a pretty good combination.

The Replenish Menu, or How to Survive January

Lucy Karsten | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Lucy Karsten

My little sister recently ate at a Michelin starred restaurant. 'How was it?' I asked, when she returned. 'Excellent,' she said. 'But I'm starving.' I then watched as she polished off two chicken and mushroom pot noodles, and quickly moved the steak I was saving to the very back of our fridge.

See The Best Dressed Stars At The 2016 Critics' Choice Awards

The Huffington Post UK | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 18.01.2016 | UK Style

The 2016 Critics' Choice Awards took place on Sunday night in Los Angeles and pretty much all of our favourite film and TV stars were in attendance. ...