But with the current series scoring mega ratings, the Bafta-winning screenwriter might be in the minority.
The cast have now finishing filming the upcoming show, which will see them reminisce about the hit sitcom.
From Cottan's "urgent exit" to DI Denton's death, what has topped our countdown?
"I am so desperately sad... she really was the funniest, most bubbly sweetest girl."
The reality star had checked into a private hospital last month after her eating disorder worsened in lockdown.
The DI Steve Arnott actor reckons it has the potential to be "a classic".
Both actors have portrayed the Duke of Edinburgh in the hit Netflix drama.
Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, The Weeknd and Halle Berry are among those who have paid tribute to the hip hop star.
We've all sent the "urgent exit required" text message on a date, right?