Presenters Zoe Salmon and Matt Edmonson have been tasked by Huff Post Tech and O2 to put their TU Go app through its paces
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If circling cellulite on female celebrities in gossip magazines and offering post-pregnancy weight loss tips a day after
Our phones and tablets share data with their manufacturers and our mobile service providers as a matter of course. Apps collect data for the use of the developer as well as "data aggregators," third-party information gatherers that look to use this information as you bounce from app to app to better target you for advertising offers.
There were 22 unique authors from countries including Australia, the Philippines and the UK, comprised mostly of bloggers, along with some brands who work with them.
With an increasing amount of blogs especially in fashion and beauty, as a blogger your aim may not be to make a career out of it, however to help cultivate a following having the tech know how to implement changes and stay fresh is ever more important.
Speech and language therapists give exercises to affected individuals to regain control of their mouth and face muscles and to strengthen these muscles using resistance work, just as you would work your limb muscles with a physiotherapist.
Would it shock you to believe I am a web developer who loves to code as much as I love catching shows at London Fashion Week? If the answer is yes, this is a stigma I aim to change.
A new iPhone app promises to turn any picture into a sexy naked photo. Except, not quite. Thanks to Gizmodo for pointing
A controversial new app has taken 'Hello Boys' to the next level - by allowing users to undress a supermodel. The App, made