A colony of elephant seals took over Drake's Beach in Northern California during the U.S. government shutdown. The lack of National Park Service staff meant the seals moved in undeterred. Since then, 40 pups were born on the beach.
Chanel have long been known for their extravagant catwalk shows and this year’s was no different. At the Grand Palais in the centre of Paris, they brought the outdoors, indoors with a beach-themed catwalk, complete with sand and lapping waves.
A humpback whale need a little human help after it was stranded on a popular tourist beach in Argentina.
The Marine Conservation Society found an average of 491 litter items per 100m stretch of beach.
Get involved in these national events to help keep the UK's beaches clean 🏖
Parents put off by litter, dog poo and unclean water may want to check out these beaches that have won awards for cleanliness.
'More Britons than ever are exploring what makes Great Britain so great.'
Sun, sea, sand and holiday bliss are a quick train ride away.