“When a small kid is struggling to walk a big dog, dads are required to ask ‘Who’s walking who?’”
"I share tweets with my offline bf the way cats bring dead birds to their humans as a ~gift~"
"i love when my cat and I are both napping at the same time. solidarity."
“I love when you meet a cat and it’s a total snob. just a b***h. and beautiful and perfect.”
"Seeing a dalmation does feel like meeting a celeb I can’t explain it."
The elusive wildcats of the Scottish Highlands are "on the brink of extinction," but a European project aims to change that.
"Do we all call our boy cats 'mister man'"
"A fly in the apartment is more valuable than the most expensive cat toy."
"It wasn’t long before 'The Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver' had become a viral phenomenon. But before the whole world fell in love with the big-eared lookalike, I already had."
"My dog stirs up trouble then watches other dogs fight it out. Must be a Springer Spaniel."