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Whether you find the video above cute or nauseating is likely to say more about your attitude towards Coca-Cola than it does
The Future Flames idea is sick... and something that I feel really strongly about. It takes young kids from different parts of the country that are really doing great things for their area - these kids are pushing positivity despite the issues or problems that life has thrown at them. These kids have used their passions to inspire others and having met some of them - its pretty humbling. They have all done amazing things and it just really drills down to what it's all about. These youngsters are our heroes of tomorrow and I feel very lucky to be involved with such a thing.
As the opening ceremony approaches, a steady drip of 'sweatshop' and 'forced labour' allegations over poor conditions for workers manufacturing official Olympics merchandise have emerged.
Fizzy drinks usually hit the headlines because of their health hazards and sky-high sugar content. However, Diet Coke and
Last week, a report by The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges (the body that represents all of the UK's doctors) cited "irresponsible marketing" by major food and drinks brands as a key contributor to the obesity epidemic.
A mother of eight addicted to soft drink Coca-Cola may have died from her "habit", her partner has told an inquest. Natasha
Drink giants Coca Cola and Pepsi have altered their recipes in order to avoid having to display cancer warnings on their
I've heard people say, "Coke make such cool adverts", and it's true, their ads usually are, but it isn't Coke that makes them, it's advertising agencies.
Helsinki is split into two: the pro-Guggenheim league and the anti-Guggenheim one.
If what we buy is what we are, then we might just be getting better, according to Duncan Goose, the creator of the philanthropic