News that Olivia Newton-John’s former boyfriend has been reportedly found alive and well, more than a decade after he disappeared
Kate Garraway had been busy in the dressing up box Kate was pictured wearing a voluminous blonde wig and leather jacket, much
Body image is huge for women; this in itself is not big news as we are now fully conversant with eating disorders, dieting, obesity, exercise and the media's obsession with what women look like. The media are calculated in their targeting of women and fuel comparison and jealousy - already huge factors in how we exist in society as a whole.
There's something oddly mesmerising about Death Metal coming out of John Travolta's mouth. Everything seems to make sense
Grease and Grease 2 got equal airplay on our Saturdays and I couldn't understand why one was a success and the other wasn't. I loved them both. But I had an inkling of why when my mother caught them for the first time.
This is possibly the best version of 'You're The One That I Want' that you will ever see. That's right: it even surpasses
Personality tests are enjoying an online resurgence. Previously a staple of tabloids, they fell out of favour as sceptics began to doubt the veracity of the 'If You Answered Mostly B...' scoring system... We're embracing these quizzes like someone who's filled in a 'Which Online Meme is For You?' questionnaire and got the answer 'Personality Tests'.
Now here's a cure for those January blues: a video of Swedish marines based out in Afghanistan, amusing themselves (and us
Honesdale is the kind of white picket-fence neighborhood where swinging benches hang from porches and american flags flap from the beamers, so you wouldn't expect much nightlife. We did however, manage to find one lone bar with music where the residents of Honesdale were just all too interested to see who these crazy kids were.
Do I have to say anymore to recommend taking part in a Camp America Programme? No matter what your age, background or experience, camp can be life changing and the best fun you'll ever have. It has you doing things you never imagined with people you never knew existed.