huw edwards

"The BBC has accepted his resignation which it believes will allow all parties to move forward."
"The initial complaint in this case was not escalated quickly enough to senior management..."
The broadcaster's extensive coverage of allegations about the BBC News presenter was also labelled “distasteful” by former Newsnight host Emily Maitlis.
The broadcaster says its journalists "treat the BBC in the same way as any other organisation" – but former star Emily Maitlis suggests it has gone too far.
The news reader's wife, Vicky Flind, issued a statement on his behalf, and said he was “suffering from serious mental health issues”.
The broadcaster reported the announcement to the nation live on Thursday evening.
BBC broadcaster Huw Edwards is also on the list of 39 individuals no longer allowed to enter the Russian Federation.
"I’ve just had a little bit of croissant and I’m just finishing it, I’m ashamed to say that."
"People tend to think that if you are confident, then you never doubt yourself. But that’s not true."