Your guide to the political row that is rumbling behind the world's kitsch-est singing contest.
Can you enjoy a song contest that celebrates the camp and diverse, while having sympathy for the Palestinian cause, deploring the human rights situation of those in Gaza and wanting a lasting two-state peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? For tens of thousands of Euro-fans, the answer seems to be “yes”.
With the Israeli government supporting tourism as a means to consolidate the settlements, let us not forget that the settlements are entirely illegal under international law.
It is claimed she will perform two songs at this year's contest in Tel Aviv.
Journalist Liel Leibovitz shares how it felt to find out his dad was the 'Motorcycle Bandit', and how that gave him the freedom to decide what kind of man he wanted to be
Shohfah-El Israel is charged with the 21-year old midwifery student's murder
Every company that makes money from the occupation is contributing to the entrenchment of ‘a discriminatory regime’