Jennifer Aniston

“I don’t even understand what it means," the Friends star said.
Aniston enthusiasts were all about the natural roots she rocked in a recent Instagram.
The Friends star disguised herself in a baggy sweater, hat and sunglasses for a stop by the beauty store.
“I didn’t know any better,” the actor said of the regrettable purchase.
“It was just wild and wonderful cause we didn’t really know Cher," the former Friends star admitted.
Twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse played Ross Geller's son as child actors in the hit sitcom.
"I'm so glad I have this moment documented," the daytime TV host said.
“There were things that were never intentional and others… well, we should have thought it through," the actor said.
The Friends star admitted she is "obsessed" with Jennifer Coolidge, who she once shared the screen with in an episode of the sitcom.
Good Girls star Mae Whitman appeared in one memorable episode of the hit sitcom almost 30 years ago.