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I have a new MUST HAVE and it's basically a giant babygro. These roomy OnePiece onesies came about in 2007 when three hungover Norwegians had the kind of brainwave you only get after a truly great night out.
Judging by its opening gambit, Scousewives clings safely to the template laid down by its southern cousins in Essex and Chelsea, opening with a conformist series of oddly stunted conversational scenes resembling the awkward preliminary stages of a porn film, and concluding with some party or function to usher in the histrionics.
A teenager from East London has launched a campaign to make peer-to-peer sex education compulsory in schools, with the aim
With The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea both having become phenomenon's' in the last two years it has posed the question "Are reality shows pointless with all the stereotypical characters and overdramatized storylines or are they actually entertaining and deserving of our prime time TV slots?"
With the headlines surrounding them becoming increasingly unlikely, here is a look at some of the upcoming stories, hitting
We love these programmes because we hate their arrogance and we love every opportunity that they either fluff their lines and say something bizarre or incoherent, and come across like pretentious idiotic losers. East London certainly has a few people who are like this.
Made In Chelsea's Chloe Green has revealed she's banned her dad, Topshop mogul Sir Philip Green, from appearing on the show
The gang descended upon 'the country' in this week's episode, and, in doing so, the nation discovered a long-lost descendent
So there we have it. The 10 crucial elements to the reality show. Perhaps you could use these to make your own (Life is Mad in Kent, or, perhaps, Fabulous Folk of Fife - or, alternatively, use the above as a guide for a drinking game)
This week I asked seven of Britain's foremost media go-getters to choose between television's current top reality shows. Unfortunately they were busy. But these hacks had some spare time to share their opinions instead.