made in chelsea

In the teaser at the end of the episode, we were given a snippet of disgraced Hugo telling Spencer that everyone wants him and Caggie to get together. Not this again! Wasn't this the crux of the whole of the first series?
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Francesca 'Cheska' Hull has revealed she'd love to make a big screen version of Made In Chelsea. The
Geordie Shore is but the latest in a long line of televised regional case studies showing how crap the world is. As propagating cartoonish stereotypes for cynical commercial gain is worth mega bucks these days, small wonder MTV are milking their Newcastle cash cows for all they're worth by sending them to Magaluf.
With the exception of Christmas, general elections and Eurovision, summer holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. And as is usually the case, there's nothing that underlines the "we are having a good time" vibe better than television. At one point, summer morning television was a big deal. But now, nobody seems arsed.
They are the northern versions of reality smash hits The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea. But the Liverpool-based "scripted
Described as both 'Big Brother without walls' and 'like glossy commercials for depersonalisation disorder,' the vagazzle surrounding shoe-string-budget reality soaps, The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea, is a social phenomenon in itself.