Malia Bouattia

Thousands of students and university staff are expected to take to the streets of London on Saturday for the NUS and UCU
Malia Bouattia once called Birmingham University a 'Zionist outpost'.
A plan by the president of the National Union of Students (NUS) to tackle anti-Semitism at universities has been slammed
There is an age-old cliché that students are the leaders of tomorrow, yet too many student leaders are now part of a problem which has left thousands of Jewish students without any trust in the organisation which is supposed to represent them on a national level. When the seriousness of antisemitism is trivialised in this way by those at the top of a movement, we should worry about the direction in which our society is heading.
As a Jewish student who has experienced online anti-Semitic abuse, the urgency of the report initially seemed comforting, a call for all those fighting against racism to stand united. Reading the report however, I was dismayed to detect severe shortcomings and underlying bias.
More than 175 people have signed an open letter calling for the report to be revised
More than 175 NUS officers, student leaders and academics have signed an open letter slamming a report from MPs into anti
It isn't steps like safe spaces or no platforming adopted by our students which have stopped "innovation of thought" and threatened how we "develop as a country, society and economy" as May suggested. For that the Prime Minister should take a look at herself and her government.
Fighting for decent affordable housing is a crucial aspect of improving students' lives. That's why we will support student rent strikes across the country, and continue to raise the issue nationally. We will provide advice to students facing housing difficulties and support those who want to take action. And by doing all of this, we will put student housing at the heart of our vision for a free, accessible and liberated education.
There's been a reduction in 'space for critical thought', she said.