I have no idea where these products came from or why they keep popping up on my news feed and in irritating press releases, but I hope I speak for all women when I say: enough is enough. Millions and millions of women have blobbed before us without the need for a gimmicky product, and we certainly don't need them now.
What do crocodile meat, edible sugar flowers, flapjacks and helicopters all have in common? These are all items that Chancellor
Sometimes a particular invention becomes so ubiquitous that we can't imagine needing anything better to replace it with. This couldn't be truer of tampons. Just like the hot air hand driers in every public bathroom, it's as if the world said, there that'll do, and gave up.
The week before your period can be pretty fraught. The smallest and most insignificant things can bring you to tears, your
sually, I work out 4 times a week, and I eat healthily, But, for one week during every month, I am, shall we say, less than vigilant with my food choices! Obviously I don't want the fact that I fall to pieces once a month to sabotage all my other anti-ageing efforts. It's scary to think that for 12 weeks of the year I eat junk and empty calories that do my body no good at all.
Meet Katie, the tweenage girl so desperate to have her first period (all of her friends have had theirs) that she fakes it
It's time to break the silence. Here in the UK, menstruation may be an annoyance. It may even be painful. But for many girls and women around the world, it carries much more serious consequences.
I lay there terrified and wondering how the hell I have gotten this so wrong. It hadn't said anything about sex in the marketing; tantric, solo or otherwise. I am a pretty open-minded person and am seeking new adventures. But I want to know what I am signing up for first before I end up in a room with 18 strangers feeling their sex.
Only a third of women would visit a GP if they experienced a common symptom of cervical cancer, figures suggest. Just 33