Piers Morgan

The pair have rather a, errrm, unique relationship.
'Saying I can't have an opinion because I'm a middle-aged British white man is a tad racist, no?'
'If I was to tweet my 4.9 million followers the names, you're saying I wouldn't be in trouble?'
The presenter said he was 'repulsed' by trophy hunting.
The 'GMB' host insists he did not have a ménage à trois with his co-stars.
'Oh my days! One of those has just crawled up my leg.'
'We have a lot of respect for each other... it works.'
Model Emily Ratajkowski posed with Kim for the NSFW snap.
'There is no end to the carnage wreaked by Storm Katie.. it's blown Jeremy Kyle into the GMB studio.'
We wonder if he'll make anyone take a lie-detector test?