Princess Diana

The sixth and final season of the hit royal series lands on Netflix next month.
Songwriter Bernie Taupin said he wrote Candle in the Wind 1997 as "a favour" to the Rocket Man star, admitting he had "very little interest" in Diana himself.
A sixth and final season of the award-winning Netflix drama will begin streaming later this year.
The Loose Women star is playing Queen Elizabeth II opposite Kerry Ellis and Maiya Quansah-Breed as Princess Diana.
The Seinfeld star said she fashioned her dress after that of a member of the British royal family.
The duke privately shared the sentiments about Princess Diana with his friends, according to a report in The Times of London.
Fergie said the mischievous duo got pinched for impersonating police officers — and that Diana stole an officer's "smoky bacon-flavored crisps" while detained.
In one of the 32 letters to friends Susie and Tarek Kassem, Diana suggested her phones were tapped.
The reality-star-turned-legal-student previously caused a stir when she wore one of Marilyn Monroe's old gowns to the Met Gala.