Princess Diana

The Prince of Wales also walked behind his mother Princess Diana's coffin when he was just 15.
So-called "pengate" probably wasn't part of the plan.
Princess Diana's funeral 25 years ago created an eerily similar image.
Video resurfaces as Piers Morgan and others commentators renew hostilities.
The Rocketman singer was close friends with the princess prior to her death in August 1997.
The Duke of Sussex delivered the keynote address at the United Nations on Monday on behalf of Nelson Mandela International Day.
The brothers spoke about their late mother, the princess of Wales, who died 25 years ago.
The Duke of Cambridge spoke about "pain" and "trauma" at the opening of a memorial for victims of the 2017 terrorist attack at Manchester Arena.
"I feel her presence in almost everything that I do now. But definitely more so in the last two years more than ever before, without question."