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The three-day music event was due to take place in Dundee in May.
The Radio 1 presenter is one of several stars currently on a 100-mile expedition across the desert.
The breakfast show presenter missed the start of his 6.30am slot after Tuesday night's Brits.
The singer-turned-presenter tells us how she copes with being "an anxious person".
What Works For Me: The DJ reveals her unusual (and exhausting) self-care strategy...
Numbers for the whole station were down half a million on last year, though.
A lot has changed since the presenter hosted the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the '90s.
He made headlines after an incident at the Audio & Radio Industry Awards.
'My genuine and sincerest apologies go out, not just to dark skinned women but to ALL women.'
Their definition of what constitutes 'new music' has also become more strict.
How ‘one idiot climbing three mountains and cycling between them’ became the basis for a national conversation on mental health.
'I can’t even… I don’t know really. I don’t know how to talk about it.'