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Former leadership candidate is concerned about growing influence of EDL founder.
Ukip’s Suzanne Evans made the Have I Got News For You audience laugh and cringe by saying: “We’ve definitely want a hard
The High Court decision this morning ruling that Parliament rather than the Crown has the power to trigger Article 50 has unleashed fevered politicking on all sides. Unsurprisingly, fanatical Brexiters like Suzanne Evans of Ukip - who immediately railed against "activist judges" on Twitter - and the Daily Mail - apparently furious that one of the high court judges might be an "openly gay fencer" - went straight for the judges' jugulars. What misleading and dangerous rubbish.
Another contender to succeed Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall, has backed a referendum to gauge support for bringing back the penalty
Suzanne Evans calls out child refugees who 'need to buy razors and shave'.
A would-be leader of UKIP has been accused by Jeremy Paxman of having “no compassion” after she backed physical checks for
Ukip is embroiled in its second leadership election since last month and things have already become extremely ugly. With