UK Labour Party

The result in Wellingborough is a boost for Keir Starmer after one of his worst weeks as Labour leader.
Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham describes Azhar Ali as "a powerful champion for Rochdale" on the free mailshots.
Shadow defence secretary John Healy insisted Keir Starmer has acted swiftly by dumping the party's Rochdale by-election candidate.
Remarks by Graham Jones emerged as Keir Starmer claims he took "decisive" action against Azhar Ali.
Martin Forde criticises party for furore surrounding the Rochdale by-election.
Keir Starmer's party says "new information about further comments made by Azhar Ali" has emerged.
Councillor Azhar Ali has apologised for his "deeply offensive, ignorant and false" comments.
Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer have both had a week to forget, but voters seem to have already made up their minds.
Keir Starmer blamed Tory plans to "max out" the government's credit card for the embarrassing U-turn.