Ashton Kutcher

The Yellowjackets star wrote an apparent response to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on Instagram.
The video apology came a day after the couple's letters were made public, prompting backlash on social media.
The stars of That ‘70s Show were among 50 others who asked the judge to be lenient in sentencing the actor, who was found guilty of raping two women.
"Dastardly," the TV personality said while describing the most ill-mannered star she has encountered.
Snaps of the Your Place Or Mine co-stars went viral after fans pointed out they looked a little uncomfortable.
Luckily for Ashton, the As It Was singer took the gaffe in his stride.
Including star-studded comedies, a wild documentary about a millionaire dog and the long-awaited return of You.
The Black Swan actor explained that she surrendered to her two kids' relentless knocking on the bathroom door.
The actor said the illness left him unable to see or hear for an extended period of time.
They are a “star couple who sincerely believe in us, in our victory, in our future," Zelenskyy said during a statement to his nation with updates about the invasion.